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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Tribute To Win Allen

The other day I received a comment asking when Allen's Clam Bar was established in New Gretna.

July 24, 2009 photo by Pete Stemmer.

While I am still tracking down that information, I stumbled across a tribute to Win Allen, who had just passed away, published in the March 14, 1996 edition of the Tuckerton Beacon. I thought I would share it with you. It was written by Ed Hitzel, a restaurant critic who ate at Allen's Clam Bar over the years. He developed a warm friendship with Winnie.

Pete S

Winnie Allen receives congratulations after winning the Crisfield Maryland oyster shucking contest.


  1. Pete

    Wonderful tribute. The commenter also asked if all the Allens were related. In this case, Winnie Senior was my dad's (Earle) 2nd Cousin. That makes me 2nd cousin once removed. We both descend from Edward son of David(Tall Allens).

    Win-Cliff-Winfield French-Edward

    Take care, see you at Old Home Day

    John Allen

  2. Hi Pete,

    We, as Cramers, lived one door away from the Allens. I told you the story that Clif Allen came to my grandfather, Arnold Cramer, for a job. My grandfather listened to his story that his house payment was overdue, the car payment was the same, and his wife was overdue. Arnold said, "You really do need a job!"

    Arnold was the bigest emplorer in New Gratna and Tuckerton, employing about 35 people. When he moved his operation back to Amasas Landing where they started, the truck came into being, and he helped Clif buy a Dodge truck with two bodies, one to haul oysters and the other to haul vegetables over to Long Beach Island.

    Cliff made two trips a night with oysters to Philadelphia. Then he started clamming. He put three steps up against a tree and started selling clams. Then he built a little stand. After that, he built a covered enclosure and started to open oysters and sold 22 bushels a week. He tore the little stand down and built a hangout with a pool table where he sold oyster stew and beakfast and lunch.

    Winnie won an oyster opening contest, not clams, at Cristfield, Maryland.

    Don Cramer

  3. Winnie was one of the nicest guys I ever knew, we had many laughs and Winnie always had a comical comment about almost anything,,,, his Pontiac was fairly fast , too, lol, them were the days my friend we thought they'd never end. Best to Joan and young Win.

  4. I rode a few times in that Pontiac,,once coming North on the GSPWay,Winny let her rip over 130MPH.we missed the New Gretna exit.Jack Mathis let us turn around at the toll both..I'm pretty sure his Dad opened the stand in the mid..60s Good times,,check with Joel Mick in Port Republic,,he knew the family well.Larry O.(Hawkin boy)..🐻