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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Grass Skirts and Winter Dreams

I was sitting at home this afternoon looking out over a rainy winter day. While I was glad that it was too warm to snow, the cold, damp day was still disconcerting. My mind started to wander off into thoughts of being on a warm, tropical island, away from this horrible winter season in the northeast.

Suddenly, while looking through some old ads for the Community Theater in Tuckerton, I was momentarily transported back to a pacific paradise with Betty and Victor, grass skirts and all. Now, that's something to warm you up on a nasty winter day.

Won't you join me on the balcony of the Community Theater as we travel back to 1942 for a visit to an Island Paradise and, perhaps, join Betty and Victor in an island song? We can shake off the winter blues and revel in the sunshine. Oh, and don't forget your grass skirt! I may even pay a little more for my ticket to see my Men's Breakfast buddy, Jim McAnney, dressed in one. How about it, Jim? Just be careful that you don't get too near a lawn mower.

Pete S

PS- If anyone out in the Blog-O-Sphere has any memories of going to the old Community Theater in Tuckerton, let's hear from you.


  1. Geary's mother worked in the ticket booth for a few years. Geary would pay for the ticket and then go around the back and get his money back for candy. Also one night Geary and I went to the movies, he had a little 36 Ford coupe,and when we came out a few of our nice friends had put the car on the sidewalk and smeared limburger cheese all over the steering wheel.

  2. Just a note to let our Blog readers know that Geary mentioned in the above comment would be Geary Steinhaurer who now lives on North Maple Avenue in New Gretna. I assume the comment was written by his wife, Pat, but I guess it could have been written by an old girlfriend.

    Pete S