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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Visiting Harrisville's Ruins

Two of my history buddies, Steve Eichinger from Bridgeport and Budd Wilson from Green Bank are currently working on a research project involving evaluating 1880's field notes from surveyor Samuel Downs origional field notebooks. It appears, at a quick glance, that the notes give the location of buildings at Harrisville and neighboring Martha. The measurements are in chains and links and are difficult to decipher but, if anyone can make sense out of the old field book scribblings it would be Steve and Budd. Both know a lot about Harrisville and old Martha.

We are hoping that an analysis of Downs' field book will yield some heretofore unknown buildings and/or reveal some new location information. Hopefully, Steve and Budd will be able to draw maps of Harrisville and old Martha from Downs' notes that will reveal some unexpected historical tidbits. Stay tuned for more information as the project progresses.

Last night I got to thinking about the old Harrisville ruins. The little that is left is hidden among the Pine Barrens vegetation and is fenced off making it unaccessible to interested visitors. Such was not always the case, as the ruins were a favorite sport for family outings and visits by young lovers from the local area.

Following are some photos from our Harrisville collection showing New Gretna and other local residents enjoying the ruins at Harrisville. They should bring back many pleasant memories for many of the old timers out in the Blog-O-Sphere who also visited the old Harrisville ruins. Anyone with any photos of locals at the Harrisville ruins are encouraged to email the photos to the Blog. We'll post any that we receive. Also, let's hear from you if you have any memories about visiting the Harrisville ruins.

Bob Mathis

Elaine Weber Mathis

Sabrina Downs

Tom Newell -1946

Len Sooy with grandsons, Steve (l) and Paul Potter.

Alice Adams Weber (r) at the Harrisville artisan well - 1953

Horace and Harriet Cramer - 1933

Joe and Sadie Ware from Greenbank.

Joe Ware (r) by the Harrisville dam

Harry Headley with sons, John and Harry at the Harrisville dam - 1950

David (l) and John Headley

Steve Eichinger experiencing the wonder of Harrisville - 2007

Pete S


  1. My heart goes out to Harrisville & Martha. Sam & I knew them well. My favorite places!!!

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  3. I wonder if you were able to draw the map of where the buildings stood in Harrisville.