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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

1924 Methodist Directory

While going through a box of old papers and photos from Marian Broome's attic, I came across a 1924 Methodist Directory. It was stored in Marian's parent's attic and ended up across the street in Marian's attic where it sat untouched for decades.

Ben and Lizzie Broome, members of the Methodist Church, stored the 1924 Methodist Directory in their attic for many years. Upon their passing, it eventually ended up in their daughter Marian's attic just across the street from their North Maple Avenue house. (1945 photo courtesy of Marian Broome.)

The 1924 Methodist Directory was first stored in Ben and Lizzie Broome's house.
It is presently the home of Joan Bowers.

Marian Broome's North Maple Avenue house where the 1924 Methodist Directory was found in the attic. (February 1, 2009 photo by Pete Stemmer.)

Marian Chestnut Broome stored the 1924 Methodist Directory in her attic for many years. Since it came with other papers and photos from her parents attic, she may not have been aware it was there. (Photo courtesy of Marian Broom.)

The Directory was chocked full of information (list and photos of ministers, church officers and committee lists, history of the church, local business ads, list of membership, etc.) There are too many pages for one Blog entry, so I thought I would share those pages that listed the church membership. It gives us a good snap shot of the families that lived in New Gretna in the 1920's.

Methodist Church - Route 9, New Gretna, circa 1920's

Note: To enlarge the pages from the 1924 Methodist Directory below, Hit your Control and plas key simultaneously.

Some of you old New Gretna old timers out there in the Blog-O-Sphere should recognize the names of relatives or friends of the family who appear on the list. If so, let's hear from you!

Pete S

PS- If you would like to see more pages from the 1924 Methodist Directory, drop a comment. I found the ads particularly interesting, as they showed some of the businesses that were in New Gretna and the surrounding area in 1924.


  1. Mr. William Gray-my paternal grandfather.
    Mr. Franklin Gray-my paternal great uncle.
    Mr. Joseph K. Mathis-my maternal great grandfather.
    Mrs. Joseph Mathis-my maternal great grandmother.
    Members on Probation:
    Miss Margaret Mathis-my maternal grandmother.
    Miss Marie Mathis-my maternal great aunt.
    Mr. Clifton Mathis-my maternal great uncle.

    I'm sure I am related to more of the 1924 members. I'll check with my parents.

    Clifton Mathis is still living-in California.

  2. I would love to see tha ads from 1924. Can they be posted on here?