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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sabra Mathis- Daughter of Aaron Mathis, Jr.

Well, I'm finally beginning to get back into my normal routine after my recent health mishaps. I had left off with a statement that I would begin a series of postings on the children of Joshua and Rebecca Grant Mathis' children (See the Wednesday, March 3rd Blog entry.) I plan to start that series this coming Wednesday.

Meanwhile, I received the following photo of Sabra Mathis, the eldest child of Aaron, Jr. and Margery Kirkbride Mathis, and Joshua Mathis' elder sister, from George and Mary Mathis. I thought I would pass it along to you. Hopefully, those interested in the Mathis Family will find it an interesting addition to their Mathis genealogy photo collection.

Hum! Wonder if those are Sabra's biceps or just frilly dress sleeves? I bet five bucks that she could take Jim McAnny or Ricky "White Shoes" Steele in an arm wrestling contest. Any takers?

Sabra E. Mathis, daughter of Aaron and Zelphy (Anderson) Mathis, born 13 June 1861 at New Gretna, died 1943, married at Stafford Township 4 January 1882, Allen Hazelton Cranmer, son of Edward E. and Elizabeth Ann (Cook) Cranmer, born 16 December 1854 at Manahawkin, died 1926. Hazelton was a farmer in Eagleswood Township in 1915. They are both buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Cedar Run. Their children:

i Leon H. Cranmer, married Emily A. Garcelon.

ii Everett Wilson Cranmer, married Eunice Sprague.

iii Carrie M. Cranmer, married Eugene Kelly, son of Cornelius Kelly.

iv Nevada E. Cranmer, married William James Jones Jr.

v Thelma E. Cranmer, born July 1903, married Edward Kane before 1929.

From "The Descendants of William Cramer of Elizabethtown, NJ"
by Jean and Murray Harris

Pete S


  1. Glad to see your back. You have been greatly missed!!
    Phyllis & Sam

  2. How good it is to hear from you Pete. Take it easy, we don't want you to have any relapses. Thanks for the new info.
    Beverly Mathis Robinson

  3. Hi Pete: I'm glad to see your recovery is speeding along. I have noticed a bit of a discrepancy in the Sabra E. Mathis piece. Under the picture it says she married Hazelton Cramner in 1879 but in the geneology it says 1882. How can we find out which date is correct? Thanks
    Beverly Mathis Robinson

  4. Beverly,

    Thanks for catching the discrepancy. The date on the photo was from George Mathis and the date in the genealogy was from Jean and Murray Harris. I'll do a little research and get back to you.

    Pete S

  5. Beverly,

    The 1900 Census listing of Hazeltine and Sabra Cranmer lists them as being married for 18 years. That would make their marriage year to be 1882 which agrees with Jean and Murray Harris' date in the genealogy. I will make the appropriate change in Sabra's photo caption (above).

    Pete S