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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tuckertons Many Acme Markets

The other day, while driving along Stage Road to pick up a few items at Acme, I got to thinking that the Acme market was at a different location when we moved to new Gretna in the early 1970's. It was on Main Street but on the other end of town where the Village Shops are now located. We tend to think that things remain the same, but that is not the case. History is always in flux, and Acme is a case in point.

The present Acme is located on Rt. 9 (Main Street) between Stage Road and Giffordtown Lane. (Map courtesy of Bing Maps.)

The present day Village Shops, on the corner of Rt. 9 (Main Street) and North Marine Street, was the old location of the Acme Supermarket when Jackie and I moved to New Gretna in the early 1970's. (Map courtesy of Bing Maps.)

The Acme Supermarket in the late 1960's - early 1970's. The building now houses the Village Shops. (Photo courtesy of the Tuckerton Historical Society.)
I happened to mention the two locations that I remembered for the Acme Supermarket when I was at the Tuckerton Historical Society last week. Barbara Bolton, Shirley Nugent, and Connie Woolson who volunteer at the Society's Giffortown School Museum and grew up in Tuckerton weren't surprised. In fact, they mentioned two other previous locations for the Acme in Tuckerton that I wasn't aware of.

They took a photo album off the shelf and quickly showed me photos of older Acme stores that operated before Jackie and I moved to the area. In fact, the oldest existed before we were born.

The first photo that they showed me was actually the secodn Acme Market location in Tuckerton. It was on Rt. 9 (Main Street), next to the Dynasty Diner, where the Thrift Store is now located. I seem to remember that it was a motorcycle shop when I first moved to New Gretna.

The 2nd location of Acme Market in Tuckerton.
Map courtesy of Bing Maps.

The Acme Market in the late 1940's.
(Photo courtesy of the Tuckerton Historical Society.)

The second photo that they showed me was the original location for the Acme Market in Tuckerton. It was at the corner of Rt. 9 (Main Street) and North Green Street and was part of the American Stores chain. It reminds me somewhat of Clarence Mathis' grocery store in New Gretna.

The first Acme store in Tuckerton, circa 1930's.
(Photo courtesy of the Tuckerton Historical Society.)

The location of the first Acme Market in Tuckerton is now a vacant lot on the north-east corner of Main and North Green Streets. (Map courtesy of Bing Maps.)

I wonder how many of our Blog readers remember shopping at the older Acme stores. I sure would like to hear from some who have.

Pete S


  1. Pete,

    Read your article about the old Acme on the corner of Main and North Green Street in Tuckerton. Used to go there with my father, Curtis, every Friday night. (It seemed to be a tradition to grocery shop on Fridays.) The manager was Jack Piper, a short rather fat man who always seemed to have a cigarette dangling from his lower lip. I remember the store had an unuasually high ceiling and from the ceiling they had a lot of toys like a new express wagon, a scooter, and other kinds of toys that sure attracted me or any kid. Sometimes we shopped next door at the A and P. that was managed by Ed Hand of Tuckerton.

    Don Maxwell

  2. Of course it was a tradition to shop on Friday night. That is when you had the money to shop. Payday, remember?
    Beverly Mathis Robinson

  3. i remember the A & P was in the motorcycle building
    but do remember the ACME at the skating rink building