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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

The two churches in new Gretna, the Methodist and Presbyterian, played an important role in the celebration of Christmas in old New Gretna.

An old photo of the Methodist Church decorated for Christmas. Notice the old gas lights. (Photo courtesy of St. Paul's United Methodist Church.)

A snow covered First Presbyterian Church of New Gretna from an old Christmas card. (Photo courtesy of Betty Lamson West.)

Most of the families in town attended services, particularly at Christmas, when it was customary to hold a Special Christmas Service that featured the participation of many of the members. The following December 22, 1940 Christmas Service bulletin from the Presbyterian Church presents a variety of names of both adults and children that should be familiar to many Blog readers who are either related, know or knew them personally, or saw photos or read about them on the Blog.

HINT - Most Blog readers (It depends on your web browser) can hit their Control and + keys to enlarge the type and better read the above bulletin. Repeat the procedure to continue enlarging. Hitting the Control and - keys will reduce the type size. No charge for the computer lesson.

The Maxwell family was well represented in the 1940 Presbyterrian Church Christmas Program. I notice that Donald Maxwell, a regular Blog reader, is listed in the bulletin, along with his sister, Joyce, and brother, Jack. I wonder if Donald remembers the Christmas program?

Donald Maxwell sang "Pa Goes Ta Meetin" in the 1940 Christmas Program at the Presbyterian Church. (Photo courtesy of Donald Maxwell.)

Joyce Maxwell presented "Our Wish" in the 1940 Christmas Program at the Presbyterian Church. (Photo courtesy of Donald Maxwell.)

Jack Maxwell, Donald's brother, performed a recitation during the 1940 Christmas Program. (Photo courtesy of Donald Maxwell.)

Jackie and I attended the Christmas Eve Service at the New Gretna Presbyterian Church last evening (see photo below) where many of today's New Gretna residents participated in the service much like in the old days. We wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.

Pete S

Photo by Debbie Swanseen

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