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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Lights For Elaine

It had become a Christmas tradition that Jackie and I would drive Ben and Elaine Allen around New Gretna to see the Christmas lights. Ben is no longer with us and Elaine is in Alabama with her son Mike and daughter-in-law Helen for the Christmas holidays. We are going to miss them both this Christmas.

Today's Blog entry is a Christmas present for Elaine. I drove around parts of New Gretna this evening and took some photos of the Christmas lights to keep our Christmas tradition alive. I hope others out in the Blog-O-Sphere enjoy it, also.

I made some historical identifications for a few of the houses. They should be familiar to our regular Blog readers. I know they will be recognized by Elaine.

I may add a few photos from time to time from now until Christmas, so check back now and then.

The old Mathistown School House - Rt. 9

Donald Maxwell's boyhood home - Rt. 9
(Added 12-14-09)

Route 9 House

Miss Margaret Adams' old house - Rt. 9
Teacher & Principal in New Gretna School for 44 years

Methodist Parsonage - Rt. 9

The old Chaulkley Cramer house - Rt. 9

Rt. 9 House

Rt. 9 House

Rt. 9 House

The old Jessie Loveland house - North Maple Avenue
Across the street from the New Gretna School

The old Talbert McAnney house - North Maple Avenue
(Added 12-14-09)

The old Russie Adams house
Corner of North Maple and Adams Avenues
Russ & Ben Broome had a saw mill
back in the woods across the street.

The old Joseph Hickman house on Squab Hill - North Maple Avenue
(Added 12-14-09)

The old Booter & Mabel Mathis house - North Maple Avenue
(Added 12-14-09)

The old William French house - North Maple Avenue
(Added 12-14-09)

The old Altscher chicken farm house - North Maple Avenue
(Added 12-14-09)

The remodeled & expanded Harry & Ray Etta Allen house
Adams Avenue
Bennie Allen grew up here.
(Added 12-14-09)

The old Capt. John Mathis house on South Maple Avenue
(Added 12-16-09)

This last house is not from New Gretna, but I couldn't resist taking a photo of it. I'll let you guess whose house it is. It's either John Gourmley's house on Marine Street in Tuckerton or the Griswald's house from the Chevy Chase movie, "A Griswald Christmas". You figure it out. I'm just glad that I'm not paying the electric bill.

Happy Holidays!

Pete S


  1. That was a fun trip Pete. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dear Pete,

    Thanks for this great BLOG; making me home sick. Our old farmhouse on North Maple Avenue never looked so good.

    As an aside, I'd love to hear from any/all of my former New Gretna friends and neighbors. I can be found on Face Book or

    David Altscher
    Belmont, California