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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The New Gretna PTA - 1960's Style

One of my concerns, when I decided to do the Bass River History Blog, was how I was going to come up with ideas to write about. I decided that I would just write about what naturally came to me, either in thought or in the daily events of my day. It would be a serendipitous journey back into New Gretna's recent, or not so recent, past. I knew everyone would not be interested in every Blog posting, but I was hopeful that, now and then, I would hit on a topic of particular interest to someone. It's like a smorgasbord. I'll put a lot out on the table. Take what you like!

Usually, I have no idea what I am going to write about when, suddenly and unexpectedly, I receive a visit, an email, a photo, an invitation to take a history related trip, or something else having to do with Bass River's past. Then, I just "Go with the flow." Such is the case today.

The other evening, Kemp Wetmore stopped by the Bass River Community Library to give me a box of old New Gretna PTA records. The oldest was a minute book from the 1930's, but most of the miscellaneous papers were from the 1960's. It was an unexpected treasure!

I thought I would share one of the 1960's PTA Program Booklets with you. Anyone out in the Blog-O-Sphere with roots in New Gretna should recognize names of teachers, students, parents, etc. In fact, you might even find your own name mentioned.

Hopefully, reading through the booklet has brought back some fond, or not so fond, memories of a forgotten school experience. If so, let's hear from you.

Pete S


  1. Pete,

    Your blogs are great. They put life into the past of New Gretna for me. When I graduated from Pleasantville H.S. in the 60's, I had a summer job with W.R. Fisher and Son delivering frozen food to restaurants in South Jersey. I worked with "Teddy" Petit, who, was later a Principal in New Gretna. Any information or memories of him in your stash?

    Thanks for the education and entertainment.

    John Allen

  2. John,

    Sorry John, but I can't help you out regarding Teddy Petit. I have no information on him and have no recollection of ever hearing about him. Any idea as to when you believe he may have been principal in New Gretna? A date guesstimate might help me to track him down.

    Pete S

  3. Pete,

    I believe he was there mid to late 60's.