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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Few More Ry & Chet Allen Fishing Photos

A photo (below) of Chet Allen, as a young man, fishing with Ry and Rita Allen and others was posted on the August 6th Blog with the hope that someone could identify the unknown people on the boat. Chet Allen (1885-1966) was Ry and Rita's oldest son. He had three brothers - Ry (1887-1965), Philip (1889-1937), and Francis (1893) who died at birth.

Chet Allen, the founder of Allen's Dock in New Gretna, is in front on the left. Directly behind him is Ry Allen. The second lady from the front on the right is Ry's wife, Rita Allen. (Photo courtesy of Paul Steinhauer.)

I got a good lead from John Allen which I am pursuing. Anyone else have any suggestions?
Could this be a family outing? Chet was Ry's oldest son and he had two brothers (Ruy and Philip), both married. Maybe Chet's wife took the picture. Had to be before 1935.

John Allen

John, in a later comment to the same posting said . . .
I really enjoy digging through the Allen history.

O.K., John, here's another fishing photo to get your juices flowing. It shows Ry Allen (second from right) and Chet Allen (far left), probably at Allen's dock in New Gretna. I believe the boat in the background is the New Jersey which was owned by the State of New Jersey. I could use some help identifying the other two men in the photo.

Another successful day of fishing. (Photo courtesy of Paul Streinhauer.)

The New Jersey, circa 1920's, was owned by the State of New Jersey.

Here's another photo with Ry, Chet Allen, and friend on the banks of the Bass River.

Ry Allen (right), Chet Allen (center), and friend with a nice catch on the banks of the Bass River. (Photo courtesy of Paul Steinhauer.)

Pete S

PS- Found this fun photo in an Allen Family album. I believe the person sitting in front is Chet Allen. If so, it's likely that his wife, Etta, is sitting behind him. I could use some help confirming my assumptions and identifying the others. The photo was probably taken in Atlantic City.

Photo courtesy of Paul Steinhauer.


  1. Pete,

    What's the connection with the "New Jersey"? Does it have anything to do with Thomas Mathis? Sorry, but I always come up with more questions than answers.

    Great photos. Of course the Steinhauers descend from Ruy's daughter, Virginia.

    John Allen

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