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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two Grandfathers with a Twist- Layfettye Gerew and Sam Allen

We've been talking about third and fourth generation photos at the Blog over the past few weeks. Today we have a first and third generation photo with a twist - the grandfathers share a common birthday. The second generation is missing from the photo.

February 27, 1925 newspaper article.

Lafayette Gerew operated a store on Hammonton Road which was later owned and operated by the Schroeder and Sears families. 

The old Lafayette Gerew store on Hammonton Road is now a private home. (November 9, 2005 photo by Pete Stemmer.)

Samuel Allen was the first superintendent of Bass River State Forest. Click on the link below to go the the February 28, 2009 Blog entry about the Samuel Allen family  .   .   .

Lafayette Gerew's son, Harold Gerew, married Samuel B. Allen's daughter, Elizabeth. They lived on the corner of Allentown Road, now North Maple Avenue, and Riverside Drive and had one child, Harold, Jr., who is standing between his two grandfathers in the newspaper photo above.

Harold and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Gerew with their grown up son, Harold, Jr., known locally as "Huddle." (Photo courtesy of Harold Gerew, Jr.)

The Harold and Elizabeth Gerew family home on the corner of North Maple Avenue and Riverside Drive. Eugene Zazinski presently resides here. (February 1, 2009 photo by Pete Stemmer.) 

The old newspaper article brought back fond memories of my two grandfathers; however, they weren't born on the same day and, I don't believe they ever had their photos taken together.

Pete S

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