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Monday, January 26, 2009

1920 Route 9 Houses Identified

Last week we were discussing a photo of old Route 4, now Route 9, and trying to identify the owners during that period. After some input from Bob Mathis, we still had not been able to identify 3 houses in the photo. Well, after a trip to talk to Ben and Elaine Allen and a search of the 1920 census, I was able to identify the owners of the remaining houses.

The following information reflects the names of the persons living in the homes as recorded in the 1920 Bass River Township Federal Census records :

1- Suwarrow French (Head of household, age 60, restaurant owner); Ida E. French (Wife, age 50); Ida E. French (Daughter, age 15). Note: This shows that Suwarrow was operating a restaurant in his house during this period.

2- Mary Loveland (Head of Household, age 56); French Loveland (Son, age 18). Note: Walter "Dittie" Loveland, age 23, who would own the house at a later date, is also the son of Mary but is not listed in the 1920 Bass River Township census as he was living with his older brother, John, in Camden at this time. 

3- Roof of the New Gretna House Tavern and Hotel.

4- Margaret E. Adams (Head of household, age 40, Single, school teacher. Note: This is the "Miss Margaret" that has been mentioned numerous times in the Blog.); Annie Adams (Margaret's mother, age 80, Widow); Charlie Stackhouse (Border, age 51, general laborer). 

5- Phebe L. Leak (age 78, Widow); Anna Laura Leak (age 47, Single, Postmistress); Mary Sooy Leak (age 45, Single, dressmaker at home). Note: This house served as the New Gretna Post Office for 46 years. Anna was the Post Mistress from 1897-1929 and Mary was the Post Mistress from 1929-1943.

6- Horace L. Cramer (Head of Household, age 58, Retired Policeman); Harriet P. Cramer (Wife, age 58, born in Pa.)

7- Louis D. Griffin (Head of Household, age 41, steamer engineer); Laura Griffin (Wife, age 28); Irma Luceille Griffin (Daughter, age 5 months).

8- Howard Mathis (Head of Household, age 59, Ass't Game Protector, State of NJ); Hattie Mathis (Wife, age 57, Born in Pa.).

If anyone is related to any of the families  listed above or has information and/or photos, I would like to hear from you.

Pete S

Foot Note: After receiving a telephone call from eagle eye Jim McAnney, another house label has been added to the photo on Tuesday, January 27th. Seems Jim noticed a small part of the rear end of House #6 (See photo above) to the back of back of House #5. That would be the house where Winnie and Kim Allen presently live. The difference in colors tipped Jim off. I verified Jim's observations by making an on site inspection. I'm surprised that Don Maxwell didn't pick up on that. 

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  1. Be sure to read the footnote regarding the input of eagle eye Jim McAnney in discovering an additional house in the photo.

    Pete S