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Monday, March 3, 2014

The Joseph Hickman Family of New Gretna

The January 30, 2014 Blog entry featured Gerald "Skeets " Hickman and his Jumbo Egg. For those of you who missed this story, you may read it by clicking on the giant egg below.

I was delighted that Skeets grand niece via Eliza Hickman and daughter, Louise Hickman Dillon, responded in the comments section and seemed eager to learn more about the family.

Thank you for the Gerald Hickman post. He was my great uncle and I never knew the story of hi lost arm. I am his sister, Eliza Hickman Maxwell Mathis' grand daughter.

Louise Hickman DillonFebruary 24, 2014 at 8:14 AM
Hello to Eliza's granddaughter. I just read the blog of my father, Gerald Hickman. Thank you for posting. I enjoyed reading the blog and I never heard the story of the jumbo egg. Do you have any pictures of my father?

Louise Hickman DillonFebruary 24, 2014 at 8:19 AM
Hi Pete,
Really enjoyed reading the blog of my father, Gerald Hickman. I knew the story of how he lost his left hand just below the elbow, but never heard the one about the jumbo egg. Thank you for posting and especially the picture of my dad with Richie (his nephew). Richie has a daughter (Sharon) who is the same age as I. Where did you get the picture of my dad and Richie. I certainly would like to attain any pictures that anyone out in the blog area might have, as I do not have many pictures of my dad. Thank you again for posting and for writing the blog. It is always interesting to read.

The relationships in the Hickman clan can get confusing, so I thought I would present a brief genealogy of the Joseph Hickman family to put things in perspective. Hopefully, descendants of the Joseph-Lida Hickman clan and others out in the Blog-O-Sphere will find it interesting and, perhaps, add information. All photos came from Joseph and Lida Hickman family photo albums, courtesy of Betty Schutte Kalm, Joe and Lida's grandaughter, unless otherwise specified.

Joseph M. Hickman, born 1868, married Lida Cramer, the daughter of Joseph Bareford and Eliza Johnson Cramer, born 1867. The marriage took place on March 1, 1891 in the Methodist Church parsonage adjacent to the church on Route 9 in New Gretna.

Methodist Church and Parsonage, Rt. 9, New Gretna
Photo courtesy of St. Paul's Methodist Church.

Joseph and Lida Hickman raised their children in Saint Paul's Methodist Church as evidenced by the following listing of names and birth dates on page 116 of the Baptism Section of the New Gretna Methodist Record Book.

Scanned by Pete Stemmer

Joseph and Lida eventually built a house on Allentown Road, now North Maple Avenue, and raised a large family. The small rise on Allentown Road where the Hickman house sits was called Hickman's Hill by the old timers.

The old Joseph Hickman house on Allentown Road

Following is a photo of the Hickman house today.

The Hickman house today
March 1, 2014 photo by Pete Stemmer

The 1910 Bass River Township census lists the the Joseph and Lida Hickman family as living on Allentown Road with nine children.

Joseph and Lida Hickman

Joe Hickman was a sea captain who piloted many a vessel in his seafaring career.

Captain Joe Hickman, marked by the X, with his crew from the menhaden
fishing steamer Adroit sailing from the Crab Island Fish Factory in Great Bay.
Photo courtesy of Helen Billsborough 

Lida passed away in February, 1929 at age 62.

Captain Joe's daughter, Elizabeth Hickman Schutte (See Hickman Child #7 below), and her husband, George, held a gala 70th birthday party as reported in the in March 3, 1938 edition of the Tuckerton Beacon. Many family members and New Gretna friends of Captain Joe attended.

A small news item regarding some disturbing news of Joseph Hickman's deteriorating health condition appeared in the June 28, 1951 Tuckerton Beacon.

Regretfully, Captain Joe passed away on July 2, 1951 in the old Hickman homestead on Allentown Road.

Captain Joseph Hickman

Contrary to a typographical error in his obituary, Captain Joe was placed to rest in the family plot in the West section of Miller Cemetery in New Gretna where he is resting beside his wife, Lida.

March 1, 2014 photo by Pete Stemmer

Some information and photos that I have collected about Joseph and Lida Hickman's children are found below. 

1. Stella Richardson Hickman was born November 4, 1891. 

She married, sometime between 1910 and 1916, Charles H. Pendleton who lived with his parents, Charles and Eva Pendleton, in 1910, on Allentown Road in New Gretna, just up the road from the Joseph Hickman homestead. Charles, Sr. and Eva are listed as being born in Connecticut. Charles H. is listed as being born in Iowa.

By the 1920 census, Charles H. and Stella were renting a residence on Toms River Road in Jackson, N.J.  They had a 6 year old son, Charles F., and a 3 year old daughter, Elinor M.

By the 1940 Federal Census, Stella, noted as divorced and listed as the Head of the Household, was living in Lakewood with her two children, Eleanor, age 23, and Fred, age 26, and listed as Charles F. in the 1920 census.

Stella stayed in contact with her father, Joe Hickman, and the rest of her Hickman family by making many visits to the New Gretna family homestead throughout the years.

Unfortunately, I have no definitive information regarding Stella's death, except the following Social Security death record which seems likely to be Stella Hickman Pendleton as her name, parents, and her birth year match the New Jersey Birth Record listed above. Her place of burial is unknown.

2. George Orville Hickman - born August 15, 1894, died 1925.

Following is Orville's World War I Draft Card, issued June 5, 1917, which lists him as single and living in New Gretna and self employed as a bayman.

Orville married, in West Creek, Theora Lillian McAnney, daughter of John V. and Sophie Ford McAnney. 

He worked for the Atlantic City Electric Company and was killed in a tragic accident when sawing a tree limb which touched a live wire.

Orville and Theora had a son George Richard Hickman, known as Richie by the family.

Little Richie Hickman with his uncle Gerald.

Richie died on October 25, 1983

After Orville's death in 1925, Theora married at West Creek on September 5, 1926, Richard G. Cramer, son of Charles and Laura Elberson Cramer.

Miller Cemetery, New Gretna, NJ
March 1, 2014 photo by Pete Stemmer

3. Joseph Aubrey Hickman - born April 6, 1897. Married Della Loveland McAnney, daughter of Reuben A. and Mary Eliza Mathis Loveland.

Following is a copy of Aubrey's World War I draft card which shows his first name as Joseph. He was living on Tennessee Avenue in Atlantic City and employed by Edward L. Bader at the time of the card's issue on June 5, 1918.

 Aubrey Hickman with stepdaughter.

Aubrey passed away on October 16, 1959.

J. Aubrey and Della Hickman stones on the McAnney plot
in New Gretna's Hillside Cemetery. Photo by Pete Stemmer

4. Walter Hickman, born March 24,1898. 

Walter Hickman

I don't know much about Walter. A brief mention, in the February 17, 1938 edition of the Tuckerton Beacon, of Walter and his wife and daughter, of Rahway, NJ, visiting his sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. George Schutte, indicates that Walter had previously moved out of New Gretna.

A look at the 1930 Federal Census finds Walter living on West Lake Street in Rahway, NJ with his wife, Martha Schutte, and 5 year old daughter, Dorothy. 

Walter's widowed mother-in-law, Sophie Schutte, is living in the household. She is also the mother of George Schutte who married Walter's sister, Elizabeth (See Hickman Child #7 below).

The 1920 Federal Census confirms that  Martha and George Schutte were siblings. We see their widowed mother, Sophie, raising her two children at their residence on Armstrong Avenue in Jersey City. Little did they know, at that time, that they would marry into the same New Gretna Hickman family.

5. Gerald Willetts "Skeets" Hickman - born September 23, 1900 and married Leola Stackhouse, daughter of Edmund B. and Cora J. Stackhouse. Leola was a school teacher in New Gretna for many years. 

Gerald "Skeets" Hickman

Leola Hickman, wife of Gerald

The Stackhouse family - circa 1916
(l-r) Erwin, Cora, Edmund, Leola, and Harry
Courtesy of Find A Grave

Gerald and Leola had two daughters, Lora, born October 27, 1934 who married a McDowell, and Louise, born December 29, 1945, who married a Dillon. Louise responded with a Blog comment (see above). Hopefully, she can tell us more about her childhood and present family.

Lora Jean Hickman celebrated her 5th birthday on November, 1939, with a party given in her honor by her parents.

Skeets was active in many civic organization, including the New Gretna Fire Company where he served as a Fire Captain.

Gerald was also a member of the Bass River Defense Council and involved in a door to door drive to collect aluminum for the country's war effort. The drives slogan was "Give Till It Hurts Hitler."

Sheets, third from the left, was instrumental in the success of Bass River Township's
scrap aluminum drive to support our country's war effort.
(l-r) Doug Lambert, Sr.; Eugene "Booter" Mathis; "Skeets" Hickman;
Walter Loveland; Norman G. Mathis; Charles Kauflin; Russell Adams;
Zeb Mathis; George Cramer; and Stanley Wiseman.

I was interested to find the following want add posted by Gerald in the November 1, 1945 edition of the Tuckerton Beacon. As Sherlock Holmes was fond of saying, "I believe something is a foot!"

It didn't take long to figure out why Skeet's posted the baby furniture want ad, as two months later, the following birth announcement appeared in the January 3, 1946 edition of the Tuckerton Beacon.

Gerald and Leona Hickman had a new baby girl and Lora Jean had a new baby sister. The name of the new addition to the Hickman's South Maple Avenue household was not mentioned; however, I have a pretty good idea who the new addition to the family was. I'll give you a hint. I believe she wrote the February 24, 2014 Blog comment found near the beginning of this Blog posting.

About a month prior to the start of the 1946 school year new mom, Leola, placed an ad in the August 1, 1946 edition of the Tuckerton Beacon for help in caring for the new baby. When it came to being a career woman, Leola was ahead of her times.

Gerald passed away at the Bridgeton, NJ home of his daughter, Louise Dillon on January 4, 1974.

Gerald is buried in his parents plot in the West section of Miller Cemetery.
March 1, 2014 photo by Pete Stemmer

Leola passed away in 1991 and is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Waretown NJ in the Stackhouse plot beside her parents.

Courtesy of Find A Grave

Leola's parents tombstones
Cedar Grove Cemetery, Waretown, NJ
Courtesy of Find A Grave

6. Nettie Hickman - born October 26, 1902, died October 8, 1917 from diphtheria.

7. Elizabeth "Lib" Hickman - born 1905 , died May 19, 1991, married on March 29, 1925 at New Gretna, George F. Schutte, son of Herman and Sophie Kulze Shutte of Jersey City, NJ. They lived in the old Hickman house on Allentown Road.

George and Lib Schutte

George and Lib Schutte had a daughter, Elizabeth "Betty" Mae, born 1922. Betty married David Hilliard Kalm, son of Otto and Monica Walker Kalm, at the New Gretna Presbyterian Church on September 17, 1950. They had a son, David.

Betty Schutte

I remember a story Betty told me about being struck by lighting when a little girl. She laughingly said, "Now I know why I'm so ditsy sometimes." I later found a 1938 Tuckerton Beacon article that confirmed her story.

Tuckerton Beacon - July 14, 1938

Betty survived the lighting strike and went on to become an excellent student. She was Salutatorian of the 1949 Tuckerton High School class.

Betty passed away on August 5, 2006. 

Elizabeth Hickman "Lib" Schutte, passed away on May 18, 1991.

Betty and her mother are buried in the Schutte family plot in the West section of Miller Cemetery in New Gretna.

March 1, 2014 photo by Pete Stemmer

George Schutte, "Lib's" husband and Betty's father, is also buried in the Schutte plot in the West section of Miller Cemetery.

March 1, 2014 photo by Pete Stemmer

8. Pauline Hickman - born 1907.

Pauline Hickman

Pauline (r) and her sister, Eliza

Pauline married Thomas Savarese. They had a son, Robert, and a daughter, Jeanette. The 1940 census lists the family as living on Howard Street in Philadelphia.

Pauline enjoyed her visits back to the Hickman homestead from her home in Laffette Hill, Pa.

Pauline passed away in 1994 at the age of 87. Unfortunately, the obituary is not dated.

Pauline is buried in her parents plot in New Gretna's Miller Cemetery.

9. Eliza Hickman - the last of Richard and Lida Hickman's nine children was born in 1910.

Gerald Hickman and his sister, Eliza.

Eliza Hickman

Eliza, at age 16, married Lemuel Maxwell, born in Wading River on April 8, 1906, the son of Lemuel H. and Marletta Rossell Maxwell. Eliza and Lemuel had a large family: Bernard who married Laura Parker; Gerald Douglas who married Virginia Stephens; Kenneth who married Carol Tams; Ronald; Janet who married a Johnson and, later, a Hummel; and Beverly who married a Baginski and, later, a Phillips.

(l-r) Pauline Hickman Savarese, Eliza Hickman Maxwell,
George Schutte, Elizabeth Hickman Schutte, and Lemuel Maxwell

The Lemuel and Eliza Maxwell Family lived on New York Bouvelard, now Rt. 9, in Bass River Township in 1930.

Lemuel's passed away on April 14, 1964 and is buried in West Creek. Sometime after his passing, Eliza married Elton Mathis, born September 30, 1901, the son of Benjamin W. and Mary Berry Mathis. Elton died January 23, 1981.

Eliza passed away on August 19, 1995 at the age of 85.

That's about all for the New Gretna Hickmans for now. If anyone would like to add information to the New Gretna Hickman clan story or send a Hickman family photo, it would be appreciated.

Pete S


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