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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Yesteryear's Humor

I can't understand why many of today's comedians use so much "blue" material in their acts. 

Somehow I don't find obscene language funny. In fact, I find it offensive and think it detracts from the comedy.

I got to thinking about how humor has changed from the "good old days". The other day I came across "The Featherheads", a comic strip that regularly appeared in the Tuckerton Beacon in the late 1920' and early 1930's. I'm curious to hear if today's Blog readers find it funny.

Well, what do you think? Does it tickle your funny bone? What were your favorite comic strips when you were a kid?

I especially enjoyed Joe Btfsplk from Little Abner. He always walked around with a dark cloud over his head, obliviously
wrecking havoc in his wake.

Let's hear from you about your favorite childhood comic strip!

Pete S

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  1. Some people really effect on humors because they take it seriously and implement in their lives as well and inform to others as well.