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Friday, November 30, 2012

John Q. Post Reprised

John Q. Post was an interesting and beloved character in the unfolding history of Bass River Township. Click on the photo below to view the May 10, 2009 Blog entry on John Q.

John Q. Post

John Q's great grandaughter recently submitted the following comment and asked if I had any other information regarding John Q.

I am John Q Post's great granddaughter. My eldest daughter is doing a research project on the family history and we came across your blog. Thank you so much for the story you did on My great grandfather. He was a wonderful man and I miss him very much.
If you have any other pictures or articles about him, we would love to see them.

Thank you

Debbie Bowers Packard

I thought Debbie might be interested in the following poem written by the Herrintown Poet who knew John Q. well. It  was written shortly after John Q. went to meet his maker on May 23, 1995 and deals with his life as a preacher.

“The Scheduled Flight of John Q”


No eye has seen, no ear has heard
No human heart has grasped
The Wondrous things which God himself
Has shown to those who love him.    [I Corinthians 2:9]

• • • • •


John Q
Was his name.
To fame and fortune
He made no claim.

He went through this life
With it’s twists and turns.
And the lamp he carried
Today, still burns.    [Psalm 119:105]

The “Gospel Light”
With it’s strength titanic . . .
He preached it, and
Set his will like granite.   [Isiah 50:7]

To this, like Paul,
He was apprehended,    [Philippians 3:12]
And God’s call on his life
Was never rescinded.   [Hebrews 5:4]

The call came to him
When only a lad.
“Tell my story,
And you’ll be glad.”   [Matthew 28:19]

Publish “THE NEWS”
Throughout the land.    [Matthew 10:27]
Shout it from the housetops
And take your stand.

Just preach my word,
And preach it hot.
Don’t change a thing,
Not even a jot.    [Matthew 5:18]

Call on me.
I’ll show you it’s true.
The God of Jacob
Will go before you.    [Psalm 146:5]

Through mountains and valleys . . .
Through high and through low,
My eye will be on you
Where ever you go.   [Psalm 32:8]

But if you turn away
And stumble about,
And get luke warm
I’ll spew you out.    [Revelations 3:16]

• • • • •


John Q got that message,
And there was no doubt.
At the old camp meetings
He learned how to shout
And keep the fire burning.
And it never went out.    [Joshua 6:5]

For a hundred and eleven years
He poured on the coal.
Preaching the word and
Standing up bold.    [Acts 12:24]

He preached it plain . . .
Just like it’s written
And never once did he
Think of quittin’.

• • • • •


Then came “The Day” -
The Angel said to John Q,
“The God whom you serve
Has sent me to you.    [Acts 27:23]

Because you made Him
The seat of your affection.
That is why I’ve come
To give you direction.    [Psalm 91:14]

To the City of God
That words cannot tell
Built for the faithful
In a mansion you’ll dwell.    [Revelation 3:12]
And drink from the fountain
That gives life to the soul
And be ever renewed
And never grow old.    [Revelation 7:17]

So fold up your tent
Of flesh and bone.
Leave it here and
Come on home.    [II Corintians 5:1]

You’ll get a new body
That will fit you just fine.
Oh! by the way. . . About that gold mine -
Burn the deed. Leave it behind.

Your treasure is laid up
Where rust can’t consume    [Luke 12:33]
At the feet of him
Who opened the tomb.

I’ll show you things
That eye hath not seen,
And you’ll learn a new song
Sung by the redeemed.    [Revelation 5:9]

To the wedding of the lamb,
You’ve got your invitation
To join with the people
From every tongue and nation.    [Revelation 19:9]

Now put on this robe
That’s worn by the blest.
Made of pure linen.
It’s called righteousness.    [Revelation 19:8]

For the clothes you are wearing
Won’t do at all.
You’ll need this new robe
To enter the hall.”    [Isaiah 61:10]

• • • • •


“Hal-le-lu-iah, praise God!
I am glad you’ve been sent.
I’ve been waiting a long time.
I don’t want to miss this event

I’ve believed it and preached it
And taught it for years.
I have believed it through joy,
And I’ve believed it through tears.

I’ve been waiting to talk
With Peter and Paul
And see the inside
Of that beautiful hall.

And find my kin-folks
That got up there first,
And all of the others
That have found the ‘new birth.’”     [John 3:3]

• • • • •


“It’s time we go
Take my hand old friend.
The spirit will take us.
He’s much like the wind.    [John 3:8]

In Abraham’s bosom
We’ll be carried on high.
So now if you’re ready,
We’ll say our good-bye.”    [Luke 16:22]

• • • • •


Fare-Thee-Well John Q.
As you take your flight.
You’ve kept the faith
And you’ve fought the good fight.    [I Timothy 6:12]

By a faith like Moses
You’ve crossed the Red Sea.    [Exodus 14:21]
Now, hear the sweet words:
Come dwell with me . . .
Come dwell with me.    [Revelation 21:3]

The Herrontown Poet
June 7, 1995

I hope those out in the Blog-O-Sphere enjoyed the poem as much as I did. John Q was a remarkable man of the faith!

Pete S

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