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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rube Corlies Meets Babe Ruth

Last Wednesday's Blog entry featured Rube Corlies spotting a sea serpent off the coast of Surf City in 1906. Needless to say, Rube appears to have been quite a character with an infinity of being around where the action is. Today's Blog entry continues that tradition, as we see Rube meeting the biggest baseball legend of all time - Babe Ruth.

Click on the photo of the Babe (below) to read about Rube and the Babe hunting together at the Carvel's Island Gun Club on Long Beach Island. Rube certainly is a celebrity magnate - first "Nessie" in the Atlantic Ocean off Surf City and then the Babe on a duck hunting trip on Long Beach Island. I wonder who else we may find popping up with Rube? Stay tuned!

Pete S

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