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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Murder She Wrote - Tuckerton Style

Everybody loves a good mystery as evidenced by the long running TV show, "Murder She Wrote", that ran from 1984 to 1996. Jessica Fletcher, played by Angela Landsbury, was a retired English teacher in Cabot Cove, a small village in Maine who had a knack for solving murders. I don't know which was more remarkable, Jessica's ability to solve a murder a week or that there was a murder a week in such a small town.
The show ended after 264 episodes. I guess they finally ran out of murders. It left a lot of disappointed fans.
Well, "Murder She Wrote" fans, I have good news for you. The other day I was surfing the net for sites about Ocean County history when I came across an interesting site that could provide Jessica with addition murder mystery plots to revive the old T.V. series. Jessica would just have to move from Cabot Cove to Tuckerton.
By now, you're probably wondering "Where is he going with this, history-wise?" Read on, and you'll find out.
The web site that I stumbled upon is the "The Ocean County Compendium of History". A subsite, "Murders and Strange Deaths", deals with Ocean County towns including Tuckerton and neighboring communities. Sounds right up Jessica Fletcher's alley! I can see her driving through Ocean County in search of the elusive killers.
Some of the story titles include: The Strangulation of the Belle of Tuckerton (1902), A Murder In West Creek (1905), and The Murder of Caleb Fithian (1901 at Parkertown Cove).
Interested in taking a peek? Just click on the Ocean County Seal below and you'll be on your way. If you happen to bump into Jessica Fletcher, say hello to her for me.
Pete S