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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jaws and Tuckerton's Gigantic Steinhaurer Tooth

One of my all time favorite suspense movies was the 1975 hit, Jaws, which was based on Peter Benchy's novel and directed by Steven Spielberg. I still shiver when I think of the shark attack scenes with that creepy music.

Click on the video below to see a brief trailer of Jaws with its terrifying attack music.

Those scary shark scenes flashed before my mind when I came across a June 18, 1978 article from the Atlantic City Press. The photo of Paul Steinhaurer holding a gigantic prehistoric shark's tooth from the Jurassic Age caught my attention, as Paul is a Tuckerton native. I couldn't help wondering if Tuckerton had its own "Jaws" way back in prehistoric times.

Pete S

Rena Corlis, from Sims Place, gave the shark's tooth
to her nephew, Paul Steinhaurer.
(Photo courtesy of Gary & Pat Steinhaurer.)

June 18, 1978 Atlantic City Press

PS- Following is a photo of the New Gretna version of Jaws that was caught by Otto Kalm (below). Not as large as the Steinhauer version but daunting none-the-less. I would hate to meet him while treading in the bay.

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