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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Dinner at the New Gretna House

Last Sunday was Easter. Even though our economy is in a rough patch right now, many families continued their Easter tradition of eating out. Prices in most of today's restaurants keep going up, even though our government keeps telling us that there is no inflation. I guess they don't buy food, gasoline, or heating oil. Talk about being detached from reality!

Today's prices make me yearn for earlier days when one could buy a holiday meal for the entire family at a reasonable price. I am reminded of the New Gretna House that served our community and area well for a good many years. The following ad from the April 7, 1966 issue of the Tuckerton Chronicle shows a great Easter meal value. How about we meet there. My treat!

Pete S

New Gretna House - Circa 1960's

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  1. I wanted to take my kids here a few years back, because I remember it as a childhood favorite. When I discovered it was gone, I was so sad! Kind of expected it to be there forever.