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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bass River and Tuckerton Civil War Veterans

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, the most horrific war in the history of our nation. History buffs are busy reading books and watching TV specials on the war, while genealogy buffs are busy collecting data on Civil War veterans in their families and towns.

One of the best sources for identifying who in your town fought in the Civil War is the federal governments 1895 survey of veterans. These census lists don't list all who fought in the Great War. They list those who were still living in 1895 and the widows of those who died in the war or who died after the war but prior to 1895. While not a complete list of those who fought in the Civil War, the data is a treasure trove of information and well worth a serious reading.

You may view the 1895 Veterans Census for Bass River and Tuckerton by clicking on the respective links below.

Tuckerton Civil War Vets (l-r): C. White, Dr. Lane, E. Adare, L. Burd, A. Gale, E. Layton, J. Grant, T. Driscoll, S. Skeetz.
Photo courtesy of the Tuckerton Historical Society

135 men from Bass River and Little Egg Harbor actually served in the Civil War. T.T. Price wrote a news article in the May 26, 1904 edition of the Tuckerton Beacon that lists these men. Click on the link below to read that article.

If anyone out in the Blog-O-Sphere has a relative on any of these lists, let's hear from you. I know you are out there!

Pete S


  1. Hi Pete.

    James Applegate in the Bass River listing was my great grandfather. Came from Red Bank, NJ. Had a farm next to the Lily Pond which is Offshore Mannor now.


  2. John O. Mathis was my 2nd great-grand uncle. Son of Aaron Mathis and Margery Kirkbride Mathis.
    Beverly Mathis Robinson