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Monday, October 11, 2010

New Pine Barrens Book

Karen Riley has produced another great book with a New Jersey Pine Barrens theme - "The Pine Barrens of New Jersey" published by Arcadia Press.

Karen at an April 23, 2009 talk on her second book "Voices in the Pines", at the Tuckerton Historical Society. (Photo by Peter H. Stemmer.)
The forward to the book was written by local historian and Pinelands' archeologist, Budd Wilson.

Budd Wilson
(April 17, 2004 photo by Peter H. Stemmer.)

The book follows the theme of the Arcadia's Images of America series which presents a series of high quality photos with informative captions. The photos are divided into a variety of categories including Agriculture, The Industries, Labor and Seasonal Work, People and Places, Rails, Proud to be a Piney, and Gone But Not Forgotten. It is an excellent companion book to Karen's first two books - "Whispers in the Pines" and "Voices in the Pines".

Karen, along with Budd Wilson, launched the book with a book signing at Buzby's General Store in Chatsworth yesterday afternoon.

Buzby's General Store in Chatsworth.
(April 28, 2005 photo by Peter H. Stemmer.)

I can't think of a better venue to showcase a book on the New Jersey Pine Barrens then Buzby's General Store in Chatsworth, the unofficial capital of the Pine Barrens. Marilyn Schmidt, the owner-proprietor of Busby's, as always, was the perfect hostess.

Stop by Buzby's and say hello to Marilyn.
(April 28, 2005 photo by Peter H. Stemmer.)

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to some health issues, but Jackie went and reported that it was a wonderful afternoon with the book well received by a large crowd of Pine Barren's history fans.

I would recommend Karen's book to all you Blog readers. It is available at Buzby's in Chartsworth and on It would make an excellent Christmas gift.

(Buy two or more and get free shipping.)

Hope you all enjoy the book! I know I did.

Pete S

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