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Friday, October 1, 2010

New Gretna Donkey Baseball

I was looking through some old Tuckerton Beacon Ads recently and came across an ad for Donkey Baseball sponsored by the New Gretna Presbyterian and Methodist churches as a fund raiser. The ad was undated, but I believe it was from the 1950's.

The ad sure brought back some childhood memories, as I remember my parents bring me to donkey baseball games in the mid 1950's in North Brunswick, N.J. where I grew up. Those games were sponsored by the local fire department and drew large enthusiastic local crowds and lots of laughter.

My good friend and history colleague, the late Almira Cramer Steele, wrote a brief comment (below) about her memories of Donkey Baseball in an article called "Old Sumertime Fun" in the October-December 2000, edition #8 of the "Bass River Gazette."

I remember Donkey Baseball played on the baseball diamond beside the old school where the new school addition is now located. Some of the young men would get on the donkeys and try to run the three bases. Well, they hardly made first base before they were bucked off and landed on the ground. The men tried hard to stay on, but it was almost impossible. It was hilarious to watch, especially if you had someone on the donkey you knew. I remember the night Calvin Wilson was on one of the donkeys, and he put on such a good show that his wife, Georgie, said Calvin made his debut the night of the donkey baseball game.

Does anyone out in the Blog-O-Sphere remember donkey baseball in New Gretna and can anyone tell me where the New Gretna Ball Park was? Would that be the field next to the old school that Almira spoke of? Surely Dave Kalm, Clif Brown, or Donald Maxwell remember New Gretna Donkey Baseball and would know where the New Gretna Ball Park was. Perhaps, they would have some memories and some photos that they would share with us.

Also, I bet there are others who remember Donkey Baseball in the town where they grew up. Let's hear from you too.

Pete S


  1. Hey! The only time July 9 fell on a Saturday during the 50's was 1955. I was born there July 9, 1955. I was delivered by my father in the car on the way to the hospital. Maybe they went to donkey baseball and didn't leave soon enough. I'll check with them to see what they remember.

  2. there are pictures of Donkey baseball on Motts farm in the Tuckerton page on facebook

  3. Your reference to "the Tuckerton page on facebook" is vague. Can you provide the specific facebook web site address?

    Pete S

  4. tuckerton best forgotton town is the name of our page. we steal your stuff all the time . I think your blog is amazing. I am a longtime fan. and have traced my ancestors back on each of my grandparents sides, I go way back
    sincerely joanne Maxwell