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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tuckerton Wireless Gossip Column- Sept. 6, 1917

The Tuckerton Wireless tower was a dominant feature in our landscape for most of the first half of the twentieth century. While located in present day Mystic Islands, the 800+ feet high structure could be easily seen from New Gretna. When in operation, it interfered with radio and early television signals throughout the area. Many New Gretna residents also worked there as support staff to maintain the mammoth structure.

Postcard courtesy of the Tuckerton Historical Society.

While reading through some old copies of the Tuckerton Beacon, I stumbled on a weekly column with news and gossip from the Tuckerton Wireless called "With Uncle Sam's Men At The Radio Station". I knew that the Beacon published weekly gossip columns for Tuckerton and many of the surrounding towns but was surprised to find such a column for the radio station. It must have been of particular interest at the time, as it appeared in the middle of page one.

Since the wireless tower is of interest to many people in the New Gretna area, I thought I would share the column with the Blog readers. Also, for those who are collectors of Tuckerton Wireless memorabilia, it is an interesting piece of history to add to your collection.

There was one thing that I found particularly interesting as I read the column. There was a jitney bus from Tuckerton to the wireless which appeared to mainly functioned to take the boys into town for recreation. A schedule was published so that the girls could make sure their beaus made it back to the station in time, so that they would not be late for their watch. I guess that made reading the Beacon part of their patriotic duty. After all, it was war time and everyone had to do their part for the war effort.

September 6, 1917 Tuckerton Beacon

And for you railroad buffs, I thought I would include a Tucker-
ton Rail Road schedule from the same newspaper edition.

I'll meet you at the Tuckerton Station . . .

If I can only figure out where it is.

Pete S

September 6, 1917 Tuckerton Beacon

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