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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Some Early 1960's New Gretna Businesses

This is the last in a series of Blog entries from the September 4, 1960 "2nd Annual Power Boat Regetta Souvenir Program". 

A few New Gretna businesses placed ads in the booklet. I thought some of you out in the Blog-O-Sphere might enjoy seeing the ads with an accompanying photo from my files. I added a few questions to test the memories of old New Gretna-ites who might be reading this blog. 

Eddie's Market in downtown New Gretna.

What present day business is located in the old Eddie's Market building?

Belk's Esso Station in background of the 1976 Bicentennial Parade

What business was and still is across the street from the old Esso Station?

Who can remember Helen and John's last name?

The New Gretna House in the 1960's

The Rustic Inn was built by Frank Cramer and had many owners over the years. Can anyone name some of these owners, other than Frank Cramer and Frieda Shedaker?

 The Soroccos and Dot Cramer (left)

Does anyone know the Sorocco's first names and where they lived in New Gretna? Who was Dot Cramer?

What present day business is on the location of Sorocco's Luncheonette?

Capt. LaRue Mazelle

What was the name of LaRue's party boat?

Well, that ends our little Power Boat Souvenir Program New Gretna business tour and quiz. I hope it brought back some pleasant memories. Check back for answers to the above questions.

Pete S


  1. Soroccos lived on N. Maple Ave, might the house at the entrance to the cemetery or house next to that one. Her name was Mary Sorocco. Her husband ran a refrigeration business.
    Phyllis Briggs

  2. Wow, History not known to many, that's why I love blogs as you get to know many things from it. Thank you for sharing this blog with us