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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Gretna Christmas Past- 1936

We are just ending another Christmas season here in New Gretna. It's now the first day of 2013, and Jackie and I are contemplating taking down our Christmas Tree.

Stemmer 2012 Christmas Tree

Taking down the Christmas tree always makes us reflect back to Christmas pasts that were memorable for one reason or another. That tradition is one that is noteworthy to start here at the Blog, so let's go back to the New Gretna Christmas of 1936 as reflected in the December 31, 1936 edition of the Tuckerton Beacon

Many of you out in the Blog-O-Sphere should remember some of the local people mentioned. Some might even be relatives. Hopefully, some pleasant memories will be rekindled!

Henry and Minnie Updike

Jeanne Broome

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Pennebakker
(Marian is daughter of Ben & Lizzie Broome)

Ben & Lizzie Broome with daughters,
Marian (l) and Jeanne (r)

A young Charles & Eva Kauflin in 1920's

Milton and Mildred Mathis Kauflin

Hen & Minnie Updike and a young Anna Ware

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mathis


Harold and Lizzie Gerew with son, Harold

Walter and Alice Mathis on their wedding day

Doughty and Alberta Cramer

Mrs. Winfield Salmons, nee Ann Downs

Pauline Mathis

J.C. "Jim" MacDonald
Superintendent of Bass River State Forest

New Gretna Firehouse
Presently Bass River Municipal Building

New Gretna Presbyterian Church

That ends our trip back to the 1936 New Gretna Christmas  season as seen through the eyes of the December 31, 1936 Tuckerton Beacon. There sure are a lot of pleasant memories of that time.

Pete S


  1. So, by the time my mother (Pauline Mathis) was 19 she was already working for the family in Germantown. She had just celebrated her 19th birthday (December 23). She always complained she got only one gift because her birthday was so close to Christmas. Thanks for the trip Pete.
    Beverly Mathis Robinson

  2. Happy new year Pete and Jackie. I was just talking with my parents about Harold and Lizzie Gerew, and moments later stumbled upon your Christmas entry. As a child I loved to visit the Gerews, I was quite taken with Mr. Gerew, he was so kind to me. I can remember sitting on their front porch in the summer time waiting for my mother to give Mr. Gerew B12 shot. I enjoyed reading the events of Christmas 1936.
    Rebecca West Hoag