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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Harrisville Ruins Location

I got a request today for the location of the Harrisville Ruins. Seems that a visitor to the lake couldn't find the ruins. The following map should solve the location problem. You have to look closely among the trees for the remains of a brick wall from the paper mill. It's behind a chain link fence, just a stones throw from the old artesian well.

Pete S

Brick wall ruins behind the chain link fence with artesian well in foreground.
(March 9, 2007 photo by Pete Stemmer)


  1. Hi Pete,

    I get a real kick out of the fact that you posted this information it just so happens, I was out at the ruins most of the day yesterday. I have been trying to learn all of the old roads and layouts of the old towns and locations of the furnaces lately. So I spent a large portion of yesterday going from cellar depression to cellar depression. I was quite excited when I actually made my way over to the old grist mill. It is absolutely facinating out there. I hope that one day this summer I'll be able to retrace the trip you, Steve Eichinger, Lyle Richards, and Budd Wilson took from Tuckerton all the way into Camden.
    -Eric Dolch

  2. Hi,

    I was the person who asked about the location. Thanks so much for the information. i am a local artist looking for something historicallly interesting to paint. thanks again noreen merten

  3. Hello,

    Just wanted to let you know I did get a look at the ruins. i am thinking of waiting till it's cold to get more pictures.

    n merten

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