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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Uriah P. Allen & Phoebe Leek Info

The following comment was posted yesterday on the Blog.

I am looking for Uriah J Allen married to Phoebe Leek and father of John P Allen. Uriah's parents were Thomas and Anne Marie Cranmer Allen. If anyone can help me with the Uriah/Phoebe/John link I would most appreciate it. Thank you, Sara Pugh

Well Sara, I hope the following information helps you in your family genealogy quest. The information comes from a draft copy of an Allen genealogy book that Shirley Whealton, Pat Steinhauer, and myself are working on. The numbers to the left are reference number for navigation purposes within the book.

Pete S

13. THOMAS JEFFERSON ALLEN, SR (JOSEPH4, PETER3, ROBERT2, RALPH1 ??) was born 06 Aug 1802 in Bass River, NJ, and died 03 Apr 1879 in Age 77 widower, Bass River, Little Egg Harbor, NJ. He married ANNA MARIA CRANMER 01 Jun 1823, daughter of CALEB CRANMER and MARY ADAMS. She was born 28 Aug 1801, and died 08 May 1866.
Listed as Anna Maria in Miller Cemetery.
Burial: Miller Cemetery, New Gretna, NJ
Children of THOMAS ALLEN and ANNA CRANMER are:
33. i. CALEB W.6 ALLEN, b. 15 Dec 1823; d. 08 Jul 1909.
34. ii. MARY ELIZABETH ALLEN, b. 14 Nov 1825; d. 20 Apr 1872.
35. iii. URIAH J. ALLEN, b. 11 Feb 1829; d. 03 Oct 1860, Bass River, NJ.
iv. SARAH LOVENIA ALLEN, b. 20 Jul 1830; d. 26 Oct 1833.
36. v. THOMAS JEFFERSON ALLEN, JR, b. 21 May 1834, New Gretna, NJ; d. 10 Nov 1915.
  1. vi. ANN MARIA ALLEN, b. Sep 1837; d. 1869.
  2. vii. JOSEPH BAKER ALLEN, SR, b. 03 Feb 1839; d. 14 Feb 1925.

  1. URIAH J. ALLEN (THOMAS JEFFERSON5, JOSEPH4, PETER3, ROBERT2, RALPH1 ??) was born 11 Feb 1829, and died 03 Oct 1860 in Bass River, NJ. He married PHOEBE LEAK, daughter of JOHN LEEK. She was born Abt. 1834.
Children of URIAH ALLEN and PHOEBE LEAK are:
i. MARTHA ANN ALLEN, b. 22 Jul 1854, Mathistown, NJ; d. 16 Nov 1856.
ii. WILLIAM HENRY ALLEN, b. 22 Jul 1854, Mathistown, NJ; d. 07 Nov 1856.
iii. MARY EMMA ALLEN, b. Abt. 1860; m. JAMES ROSELL.
    66 iv. JOHN P. ALLEN, b. 21 Dec 1856.
66. JOHN P. ALLEN (URIAH J.6, THOMAS JEFFERSON5, JOSEPH4, PETER3, ROBERT2, RALPH1 ??) was born 21 Dec 1856. He married LOUISA M. ALLEN Abt. 1873, daughter of CALEB ALLEN and MARY LEAK. She was born Abt. 1851.
Children of LOUISA ALLEN and JOHN ALLEN are:
88. i. IDA ELVINA ALLEN, b. Sep 1864; d. 15 Dec 1930.
89. iii. JOHN FRANKLIN "FLICK" ALLEN, b. 23 Nov 1874, Woodbury, NY; d. 09 Apr 1942.
iv. DORA M. ALLEN, b. 18 Oct 1881; m. ISAAC JENNINGS BOLTON, SR., 09 Jun 1901, New Gretna Presbyterian Church, New Gretna, NJ.


  1. Hi cousin. My GG granmother was Louisa Allen.
    Beverly Mathis Robinson

  2. Beverly,
    This is Sara Pugh again. I am in the final application process for Daughter's of the American Revolution and have just had a call that I need another reference for Martha Allen's relation to Louisa besides the 1880 Census. I have considered the picture published here of Ida with Louisa, as both are on the same census.
    Also, I was interested in learning more about Uriah and linking hime with his sonJohn as John and wife Louisa were cousins and the additonal information could add proof of that Allen lineage descended from Thomas.
    Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.
    Hope you and yours have been well,
    Sara Pugh

  3. Pete,
    Thank you for your tireless work and willingness to share your research. As I mentioned in my post, I am in the final stages of the DAR application and have been working on my family line for a long time. Unfortunately, your response has led me to a big question/problem. Your Martha E. Allen, (daughter of Louisa and John Allen) is not the same Martha E. Allen that I connect to and thus the line is in question. My Martha Allen was married to Thomas F. Quinn. Where did you find your information for the Mattie Allen you write of to link her to Louisa? I would so appreciate any help or light you can shed on this.
    Thank you in advance for your help,
    Sara Pugh