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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bass River Township Birthed on March 30, 1864

This past Monday, July 4th, we celebrated what is generally considered the birth date of our country. That got me thinking. Do you know the birth date of Bass River Township?

Today, Bass River Township, encompassing 78.2 square miles, lies adjacent to the more heavily populated Little Egg Harbor Township and to the more lightly populated Washington Township. Few of its residents know that the three townships were all a part of Little Egg Harbor township at one time.

Washington Township broke away from Little Egg Harbor in 1802 and Bass River Township followed suit on March 30, 1864 through an act of the New Jersey State Legislature.

Click on the "Welcome to Bass River Township" sign above to view the March 30, 1864 act of the New Jersey Legislature that created Bass River Township. Use your browsers BACK ARROW to return to the Blog.

The first township meeting (See Section 3 of 1864 act) and first township election (See Section 6 of 1864 act) were held at Franklin Adam's Inn which was located at the south-east corner of the present day Rt. 9 and South Maple Avenue where Munchies deli now stands.

Franklin Adams, in the white suit, stands in front of his Inn, the Bass River Hotel, where the first Bass River Township meeting was held. Photo courtesy of Franklin W. Gray.

I hope you find reading the actual legislative act informative. It's not as dramatic as our nation's Declaration of Independence, but it's interesting, non the less.

Pete S

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