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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Mathis Family and DNA Testing

I got the following email from Marjorie Mathis Ewell who is working on the Jeremiah branch of the Great John Mathis family and am hoping that one of our Blog readers may be able to provide some information that would help her. She is looking for descendants from Herbert and Daniel, Jr Mathis from the Galloway Township area who might be willing to have a DNA test.

Pete S

Hi Pete,

I am still looking for male descendants of John Mathis via son, Jeremiah. My grandfather was Charles Morrell Mathis, #5054 in the Mathis Family of Little Egg Harbor, NJ. My father was Morrell Foster Mathis, #5080.

Charles M. Mathis had a brother, Daniel who according to the above mentioned book, lived in Galloway Twp in 1900 and had two sons, Herbert b. 1878 and Daniel, Jr., b. father Morrell was born in 1896 in Atlantic City.

I am hoping to find a descendant from one of the two brothers who would be willing to have a DNA test done. I have no living male relatives who I could ask.

I would think that any descendant from Jeremiah down would suffice, however, if I can find the closest relative I would think it would be better.

Since I know from reading your blog that you know many Mathis' from Southern New Jersey, I hope you can help me in my search. I live in Cape Coral Florida and won't be back up in Absecon until next June. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Marjorie A. Mathis Ewell

Interested in geneological DNA testing?

Here are some web sites you may want to visit:

Following is a video on geneological DNA testing:

Following is a video on taking a Family Tree DNA test:

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