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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Allen's Dock Moonlight Cruises- Dave Kalm

I guess it was back in the 40's there was a moonlight cruise from Allen's dock. I know Don Maxwell remembers. I was trying to think of the Boats involved. Chet Allen had the Valiant, The Ruth V. was one and there were at least two more. The Ruth V. was Dan Lemunions. Who was the Fund Raiser for? Maybe the Presbyterian Church. These old memories come back to me and then I can't fill in the blanks.

Dave Kalm

Editor's Note - Can anyone fill in the blanks for Dave?


  1. Bass River Gazette, Issue 8, p. 2

    Evelyn - Rue Mizelle and Alpat - Les Allen.

    Any memories beyond Almira Steele's article?


    John Allen

  2. In answer to Dave Kalm's question, the other two missing boats were Leslie Allen's Alpat and Larue Mizelle's Evelyn. I believe the moonlight cruises benefited both Methodist and Presbyterian churches. There was some competition between them, but they did cooperate on some things like the Sunday School Picnic at Clemonton Park every summer, particularly in August. In later years we went to the Steel Pier. I believe both churches were involved in the moonlight sails, because I always went on Uncle Leslie Allen's boat, the Alpat, and I remember Earl (Crow) Cramer always going on his boat also and there was never a more dedicated Methodist then he, so I am sure they were a cosponsor of the moonlight sail.

    Don Maxwell