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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Clarence Lloyd Mathis

This is the seventh in our photo series on the children of Joshua and Rebecca Grant Mathis. Their seventh child was Clarence Lloyd Mathis.

Following is a brief family history. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of information. I'm hoping that someone out in the Blog-O-Sphere can provide more information and/or photos.

Clarence Lloyd Mathis, son of Joshua and Rebecca Grant Mathis, born November 15, 1911, died August 29, 1974. Clarence married Margaret Ford, born 1914, died March 3, 1990. They had no children. Clarence and Margaret are buried in the West section of Miller Cemetery in New Gretna.

Here are a few photos of Clarence and his wife, Margaret.

Clarence and Margaret Ford Mathis lived on East Greenbush Road. The house has been expanded and extensively remodeled.

The Clarence & Margaret Ford Mathis homestead today.
Courtesy of Bing Maps.

Clarence and Margaret are buried in the West section of Miller Cemetery in New Gretna.

The stone reads - Clarence L. 1911-1974 and Margaret 1913-1990.
May 11, 2010 photo by Pete Stemmer.

Pete S


  1. Just a little info. The Clarence and Margaret Mathis house is still in the family. My sister (A. Walters-Horay) and her family live in the house and have been updating it through the years since the passing of Margaret.

    Gregg Walters
    (Eva Mae walters son)

  2. Gregg,

    Does anyone in the family have an old photo of the house? I sure would like to see one.

    Pete S