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Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Gretna Boy Makes Good- Harold Altscher

I got the following email from David Altscher the other day and thought I would pass the good news along to all you blog readers. David and his brother, Harold, grew up on a chicken farm on North Maple Avenue in New Gretna in the 1950's.  You can find a story that David wrote about his childhood in New Gretna on page 3 of Issue #10 of  the "Bass River Gazette" at the following web address: 

Pete S.

October 25, 2008
Hello New Gretna People,

Just wanted to let you know, one of your own made good:) My brother Harry, AKA Harold, is the second on the list below. Not too bad for the kid of a poor old chicken farmer. 

David Altscher

From the 2009 edition of "The Best Lawyers in America".  Regarded as the one of the key referral guides to the legal profession in the United States, The Best Lawyers in America lists lawyers confidentially selected by over 400,000 of their peers around the country as top lawyers practicing in 57 different specialty areas. 

The Altcher family, in 1955, on their North Maple Avenue chicken farm. l-r: Sam, David, Rose, and Harold. (Photo courtesy of David Altcher.)

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